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September 2008 - International Coastal Cleanup in Bequia

Hamilton, Lower Bay, Princess Margaret Beach and Paget Farm simultaneously! An incredible cleanup effort on behalf of many. The Bequia Tourism Association in coordination with Sustainable Grenadines Project would like to thank the Schools, Community Members, Tourists, Government Officials, Solid Waste Management Unit and all of the businesses who contributed for making this cleanup a success!

To view photographs, please click here

International Earth Day - Tuesday April 22, 2008

To show our love for the Earth and Mother Nature, we would like to invite you, your friends and your families to join the Bequia Tourism Association, the Bequia District Council and the Solid Waste Management Unit of Bequia to a community cleanup in Port Elizabeth.
This cleanup effort is only the first step to a much larger anti-litter campaign and environmental movement for Bequia.

The accumulation of litter and garbage bags in the gutters, on the sidewalks, along the roads and mostly on the ground in highly commuted and lush areas is very unsightly and unhealthy for the communities.

Furthermore, it is a detriment to Tourism, which is our driving economy.

Therefore, let us please work together to make Bequia clean and green!

DETAILS for Earth Day Activities:

* The cleanup activities will start at 9:00AM under the Almond Tree until approximately 12:00PM.

* Different groups of students and community members will be assigned specific areas in Port Elizabeth on the Front Street and Back Street.

* Garbage bags and disposable gloves will be distributed as needed.

* Water and refreshments will available under the Almond Tree.




Cleanup at the Paget Farm Waterfront

On Saturday December 1, 2007, the small group of friends from within the Bequia community pursued their monthly cleanup efforts along the Paget Farm Waterfront.

Joining forces with the Paget Farm Government Primary School students and teachers, the group ensured that this was only an initial attempt to clean up the area as the terrain was very difficult to tackle ­ consisting of numerous little rocky bays where fishing boats are docked and where the garbage accumulation is very dense.

The group included approximately 35 children and 10 adults. They filled a total of 55 black garbage bags (5 extra-large, 30 Large and 20 Medium) from the small bay below the bus stop across the street from W&W Supermarket. The garbage consisted mainly of plastic engine-oil bottles, plastic beverage bottles, plastic bags, plastic wrappers, plastic cups and forks, aluminum packets, aluminum cans, old clothes and shoes, as well as rubber.

The school children were fantastic! They were very enthusiastic and patriotic about keeping their country clean. The aim of the Paget Farm Waterfront cleanup effort is mainly to raise the children and the community's awareness of the importance of keeping the natural environment that they live in clean, not only to beautify the area but also to minimize all of the environmental issues involved.

The group is very grateful for all of the support and donations - many thanks to Bequia Venture for the box of latex gloves to protect everyone's hands, to the Bequia Tourism Association for the water and garbage bags, to Karib Cable for paint to beautify the area that we cleaned up and to Hutchinson Construction Company for the truck to remove all of the garbage.

"Let's continue to work together to keep St Vincent and the Grenadines clean, green and serene!"
To view photographs from the Paget Farm Waterfont cleanup, please click here

Cleanup at Princess Margaret Beach

On Saturday October 13, 2007 the group filled 15 large and 5 extra-large black garbage bags on Princess Margaret Beach, which is one of the most beautiful and most frequently visited beaches of the island. The garbage was mainly located under the trees and in the bushes that outline the beach ­ the shady areas where people like to enjoy having picnics. The garbage collected included plastic bottles, cups, plates, straws and forks; cans; Styrofoam plates, cups and take-away boxes; food wrappers; aluminum foil; glass bottles; diapers and plastic bags.

The Bequia Tourism Association donated the garbage bags and a case of bottled of water. Karib Cable sponsored the truck, which is essential for the garbage removal. The group is very grateful for all of the support and donations, and encourages everyone to care for the environment.
To view photographs from Princess Margaret Cleanup, please click here

Cleanup at Hope Beach

On Saturday September 8, 2007 a small group of friends from within the Bequia community started their monthly cleanup initiative targeting the numerous beaches and rocky bays at Hope Beach. Hope is a located in a beautiful bay accessible only by foot. Therefore, not many people choose to do picnics there and most of the garbage drifts in from the sea. The group filled over 30 large garbage bags of litter, consisting mainly of plastic and glass bottles, plastic bags, plastic wrappers, aluminum packets, cans, Styrofoam containers, old shoes, and rubber.

At the end of the day all of the garbage bags were carried up to the top of the hill, on the Mount Pleasant side. Karib Cable sponsored the truck to remove the garbage and bring it to the disposal ground in Spring. The group is very grateful for all of the support and donations, and encourages everyone to care for the Environment.
To view photographs from Hope Bay Cleanup, please click here

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